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All of the experiences that we have today affect our unconscious mind as well as our conscious mind. Inspiration changes the unconscious. Trance is the state in which learning and openness are most likely to occur. Trance is a natural state experienced by everyone, it is not an induced somnolent state. Through hypnotic trance, the unconscious mind can be influenced by positive input and made aware of new possibilities, which we are free to accept or reject on both conscious and unconscious levels. If a pattern can be changed, even in some small way, there is the possibility for further change. Sometimes all we need is the stimulus of a slight change. The purpose of hypnosis is to expand our range of expression and to let go of the rigidity that is keeping us from tapping into a deeper intelligence. We have within us all the resources we need to developmentally meet our next challenge, but often we lack the awareness to access these resources.

AC Squier
AC Squier
Hypnotist & Resonant Intuitive

We all possess natural powers we often do not utilize. With appropriate motivating suggestions and direction, these powers can often be harnessed and used. Hypnosis is a process of amplification and a tool to help us change our state of consciousness. In trance, we can transform any experience into a positive learning experience. Each of us is a unique individual. At every moment, we are making the best choices available to us given our current state of consciousness, experiences and learning. As an artist, I am continuously seeking inspiration. I have found boundless worlds available to me through the practice of trance. I spent ten years studying Energy Healing at the Luna Institute prior to studying Eriksonian Hypnosis at the NLP Center of New York, where I received my Eriksonian Hypnosis Master Practioner certification. Infinite trance-formed possibilities, as well as individual unconscious learnings and expressions exist. As a hypnotist and Resonant Intuitive, I can help to guide you into your transformative flow. Even concrete is fluid; in trance we can intuit, resonate, equalize, alter our state of consciousness, find inspiration, become free, imagine ourselves to be…

“No star is ever lost we once have seen, we always may be what we might have been”
—Adelaide Anne Procter

Each session is 60 minutes. $100 per session.
All sessions are currently being held over Zoom.
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AC Squier
Certified Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists
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Trance is Inevitable.